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School Overview


Spring Creek Community School is located at the south end of the Resort Municipality of Whistler, BC.


Spring Creek serves 323 students, grades K-7, in 14 multi-age divisions. With Late French Immersion in grades 5-6-7, we tend to be bigger in the intermediate grades, but that is changing as our numbers in primary are increasing.           



               French Immersion                      35.4% (3 grades in 4 divisions, no waitlist)

               Aboriginal                                      .6% 

               Male                                           55% (5 year average)

               Female                                       45% (5 year average)

               ELL                                             12.3%


Most students take the bus to school.


There are 20 teaching staff, 1 Principal, 1 Vice Principal, 5 EAs and 1 clerical assistant, .3 counselling, .2 psychologist, .2 speech language pathologist.

  1. How to contact Spring Creek

               Phone: 604-935-3822

               Email to office is kshoup@sd48.bc.ca 

  1. How to set up a prolonged absence

               Should your child be away for a known extended absence (like a trip,) please       

                              Inform your child’s teacher AND email Kris Shoup kshoup@sd48.bc.ca

  1. Bus schedules are available from the office upon request. District website (https://sd48seatosky.org/) has route information. Just click on the Parents top tab.
  2. Dismissal before 2:37: Please let us know. Email is good to the teacher and Kris Shoup kshoup@sd48.bc.ca
  3. PAC on Facebook: search “Spring Creek pac”. This is a great way to keep informed and to volunteer!
  4. Criminal Record check form from office will ensure you don’t have to pay to have this done. All volunteers for school field trips must have this completed and on file at the school. Parent volunteers are often more helpful in a class other than their child’s.
  5. Nut aware vs Nut free: We ask parents to NOT send food with nuts to school. There are students and staff with allergies. If nutty food arrives, we will ask the student to take it home, and we will replace it with nut-free alternatives that we keep on hand.
  6. Sign In Process: to enter the classroom wings of the school, parents are to sign in at the office and wear a guest badge.
  7. Deeper learning outcomes District competencies

Work collaboratively                                     collaborate

Think critically and solve problems            think critically

Have an academic mindset                          create and innovate

Communicate effectively                             contribute

Learn how to learn                                        learn

Master core knowledge