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SCE School Summary Safety Plan for COVID-19 Exposure Control


            Spring Creek School Community Covid Exposure Control Safety Plan Summary February 2021

See file link at the bottom for the full Safety Plan

This summary is created through on-going collaboration with staff and with the Health and Safety Committee of our school, and is based on Spring Creek’s Covid Exposure Control Safety Plan.

1.0  BACKGROUND INFORMATION see full plan link at bottom

2.0 RISK ASSESSMENT: TRANSMISSION OF COVID-19 see full plan link at bottom



3.2 Environmental Measures

Physical environment:

Signage and floor markings outlining expectations for entry, movement, handwashing, respiratory  hygiene, and physical distancing

Signage to inform of  the appropriate use of school property before and after school and during recesses/lunch breaks.

Room readiness measures to eliminate clutter, reduce shared surfaces and keep surfaces cleared of materials for cleaning access

Storage of necessary items like indoor shoes or extra dry clothes inside closed cupboards

Students will label their personal items and not to share them.

Students will not share food, school supplies, or equipment.

Signage on all classrooms/work spaces that are not in use to indicate they are cleaned, and remain closed and locked.

Student washrooms: 2  per washroom, line up on floor markers outside washroom

Non-touch water refill stations remain open for use, but fountains are off limits


Arrival on school grounds/transportation:

Reduced, shared seating on the buses: one per seat where possible, unless from the same household, or same learning Cohort

Unsupervised outdoor play is not permitted before and after school.

Students walking to school or being dropped off by family will go directly to their Learning Cohort and maintain a safe distance from students of other cohorts


School Playgrounds

Spring Creek playground is open.


3.3 Administrative Measures

Learning Groups/Cohorts:

Learning Groups stay together throughout the day, including unstructured times such as lunch, recess, classroom changes, etc;




Grades (Teachers)



1, 2

5-6-7 (Warren, Roy)

Front Entrance of the school


3, 4

5-6-7 (Millen, Maskell)

Front Entrance of the school




5-6-7 (Young)

4-5-6  (Hennessey)

Intermediate stairs




4-5-6 (Perrin)

3-4 (Allinson)

Intermediate stairs



2-3 (Aboussafy) 

Classroom exterior door 



2-3 (Lamothe)

Maker Space




1-2 (Addis)

Entrance below the stairs of Intermediate wing, past playground



1-2 Winter/Jones

Maker Space door



13, 14

K-1 (Franklin Filliter)

Classroom exterior door 

School Access:

Requests for access are done through phone 604-935-3822 or email, kshoup@sd48.bc.ca

Schools will maintain a list of the names, dates, and contact information for all visitors who are approved to enter the school.

“Closed campus” procedure:  students are to remain on school property during the instructional day.


Students Entering/Exiting the School

Students will access the building at assigned entrances, supervised by their teacher as they arrive and exit the school and between activities.


Front entrance near office:             Div 1, 2, 3, 4

Intermediate stairs:                        Div 5, 6, 7, 8

Primary Makerspace entrance:       Div 10, 12

Primary Hallway entrance:             Div 11

Playground classes use own door: Div 9, 13, 14

Staggered Arrival Times 

8:20 Cars, Bikes, Feet, Unicycles, Skateboards Last Name A-L
8:25 Cars, Bikes, Feet, Unicycles, Skateboards Last Name M-Z
8:30 All  buses

Staggered Dismissal times

2:20 Cars, Bikes, Feet, Unicycles, Skateboards Last Name A-L
2:28 Cars, Bikes, Feet, Unicycles, Skateboards Last Name M-Z
2:28 All  buses

All adults are expected to wear masks while on school property. The primary playground is closed from dismissal until 2:45 daily. 

Bell Schedule







Warning Bell

In time



10:00 - 10:10


Short Recess

A, C, E, G





3 EAs

10:15 - 10:25

B, D, F

11:50 - 12:20


Lunch Recess

A, C, E, G

12:25 - 12:55

B, D, F




EAs and Admin supervision during short-recess and lunch-recess play times.

Teachers dismiss their class to outside recess times with no bell. Bell will be used to return to class.


Health and Safety Measures and Practices:

Self Monitoring:

Anyone who is sick will not be allowed in school. Students and staff stay home if symptomatic.

Any student or staff who has symptoms of COVID-19 OR has travelled outside Canada in the last 14 days OR was identified as a close contact of a confirmed case or outbreak must stay home and self-isolate, including children of essential service workers.

Daily assessment of children for symptoms is the responsibility of parents/caregivers.

Staff will self-assess daily.


Parents’ Daily screenings questions:

Does your child have the symptoms of a common cold, influenza, COVID-19, or other infectious respiratory disease?

Has your child been outside Canada in the last 14 days?

Has your child been identified as a close contact of a confirmed case or outbreak?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you must keep your child at home, self-isolate, and seek care from a health-care provider

For guidance on symptoms, even allergies or common cold, call 811.

To self assess, refer to this link for important information: https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en


Hygiene, Safety Routines and Procedures

Take all personal items home, including personal learning resources not currently being used by students

Food or drink sharing is not permitted

Limit toys and other learning materials to those that can be easily cleaned and used with safe distance in mind

Wearing non-medical masks will be required by staff in situations when unable to maintain physical distance, and outside of assigned learning cohorts. Masks will be made available. Primary students are encouraged to wear masks. Intermediate students are required to wear masks in school and on buses. 

Cough or sneeze into your sleeve, dispose of any tissues used and immediately wash your hands

Physical distancing:

  • staff are trained to physically distance outside of their Learning Group cohorts
  • students are taught to physically distance themselves from students outside their Learning Group cohorts within the school and outside of the school during recess and lunch etc..


Frequent hand washing

A minimum of 20-second soap and water hand washing while in the building, following these protocols:

  • before leaving home and upon arrival at school
  • after using the washroom
  • after breaks and sporting activities
  • before food preparation
  • before eating any food, including snacks
  • before leaving school
  • where sinks are not readily available, use hand sanitizer provided


A schedule will be established for cleaning and disinfecting of each premise daily and high touch surfaces at twice daily  by custodial staff

Non-toxic disinfectant is readily available to disinfect high-touch surfaces between use and between changes in activity (keyboards, devices, copiers, table tops)

Leave doors propped open where possible, use elbow/sleeve to open and close doors

Appliances can be shared but are considered high touch services;

Paper hand towels rather than hand dryers are provided;

Garbage, recycling, and composting containers are emptied daily;


Designated Space for Symptoms Management

Our former computer lab is a designated area away from others, to separate the symptomatic student or staff.

Parents/guardians will be contacted for pickup as soon as possible;

Supervisors will maintain a 2m physical distance from the student, if possible and, if not possible, that the supervisor wears a mask or visor provided and readily available in the room

Students will be supported  in using the mask

Staff, and the supervisor in this designated area, avoid touching any student’s body fluids (e.g. mucous, saliva) and to wash their hands right away if this does occur.


Meetings and Communication

Staff meetings will be online or in the gym with the provision of physical distancing.


4.0 ADDITIONAL RESOURCES/INFORMATION see full plan link at bottom