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School Safety Plan

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    Spring Creek Community School Safety Plan

This Safety Plan is created through on-going collaboration with staff and with the Health and Safety Committee of our school.

This plan is based comprehensively on a risk assessment review, upon consultation of Ministry and health authority documentation, and will continue to be reviewed weekly. This plan has been distributed to our community and we will continue to send updates. 

Helpful background information from the MHO can be found by clicking on the following links:

Pandemic Response Framework (PDF)

The following diagram informs our planning:

Attendance K-5

Last name A-L Mondays / Thursdays (online learning Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday)

Last name M-Z Tuesdays / Fridays (online learning Monday, Wednesday, Thursday)

Wednesdays only children of ESWs and identified vulnerable learners will be in attendance.

On Wednesdays teachers have time for online connectivity with their class and prep time. 

Coverage of the Wednesday will be done by staff members in support positions.

Attendance Gr 6-7

Last name A-L Mondays (online learning Tuesday -Friday)

Last name M-Z Tuesdays (online learning Monday, Wednesday- Friday)

Wednesdays only children of ESWs and identified vulnerable learners will be in attendance.

An online learning menu will be provided by the district for those who choose to use it, mainly with a focus on Daily 5 literacy and Daily 3 numeracy. You may also continue with online learning as you see fit. The intention of the district online learning menu is to make your workload easier to manage. It may also serve as a guideline to the amount of work you are preparing and assigning. 

Arrival on school grounds/transportation:

  • Reduced, shared seating on the buses is in accordance with our alphabetical order. 
  • Alternate arrival times of only 2-3 buses at a time.
  • SCE staff in support positions supervise arrival and movement toward entrances of the school where the students will meet their teachers.
  • Unsupervised outdoor play is not permitted before and after school. 

School Access

Students will access the building at assigned entrances, supervised by their teacher. Use your  assigned entry to exit the building and between activities. 

Students go to the following entrances by division

Front entrance near office:  Dufty, Robertson, Nichols, Millen

Intermediate stairs: Hennessey, Penny, Roy, Young

Primary Makerspace entrance: Filliter, Jones

Primary Hallway entrance: Addis

K-1 classes use own door: Franklin, Aboussafy, Branzsen

Teachers will lead their first group (8:25) into the building. EAs and Admin will supervise until 8:45 when all students are inside.

Students arriving later than 8:45 will check in at the front office. Clerical Assistant will update attendance and provide a note for the teacher. 

Public access to the building by appointment only.

Call the school 604-935-3822 to request access, 

Staggered Arrival Times 

  1. 8:25 Blue Red Green busses
  2. 8:35 Cars, Bikes, Feet
  3. 8:45 Yellow White busses

Staggered Dismissal times (Note the earlier than usual dismissal times)

  1. 2:00 Blue Red Green busses
  2. 2:10 Cars, Bikes, Feet
  3. 2:45 Yellow  bus. Not operating in PM week of June 8-12. Students can take Blue bus at 2:45 

Students on White bus in the morning are assigned the Blue Bus to go home. Please check the New Bus Schedule.

Teachers please send a note with newer primary students with clear indication of the dismissal plan (which bus, pick up).

Bell Schedule

8:25 - 8:45 Arrivals

10:00 - 10:10 Odd Div outside short recess

Millen, Roy, Young, Dufty, Jones, Filliter, Aboussafy

EA Support: Williams, Gardner

10:15 - 10:25 Even Div outside short recess

Robertson, Nichols, Hennessey, Penny, Addis, Franklin, Branzsen

EA Support: Numan, Chua, Kleinman/Nauss

11:50 - 12:20 Odd Div outside lunch recess

12:25 - 12:55 Even Div outside lunch recess

2:00 - 2:20 Dismissals

EAs and Admin supervision during short-recess and lunch-recess play times.

Teachers dismiss their class to outside recess times with no bell. Bell will be used to return to class. 

Health and Safety Measures and Supplies:

Self Monitoring:

-parents are the first line of safety: if your child is symptomatic, please keep them safe at home

-for guidance on symptoms, even allergies or common cold, call 811. When someone is symptomatic, they should self-isolate and follow directions provided by their health care provider.

-to self assess, refer to this link for important information: https://bc.thrive.health/covid19/en

Physical Distancing

Adults maintain appropriate physical space at all times (2 meters) in all places. With students: encourage distance and minimize contact.  

Staff, and in some cases students, will clean their work spaces between uses and at the end of the work day (computer, high touch surfaces).

Hand Washing

All staff and students must practice a minimum of 20-second soap and water hand washing while in the building, following these protocols: 

  • before leaving home and upon arrival at school
  • after using the washroom
  • after breaks and sporting activities
  • before food preparation
  • before eating any food, including snacks
  • before leaving school
  • where sinks are not readily available, use hand sanitizer provided

Disinfectant (non-toxic) to use on surfaces between activities and as needed, refill weekly.

Paper towels (discard after use) 

Hand sanitizer 

Signage for hand washing, cough/sneeze procedure, physical distance

Door stoppers where applicable

Recycling and compost: teachers/students bring daily to the space under the stairs

Personal Protection Equipment: available upon request.

Gloves/ masks can be worn by staff. Reminder: gloves are for single-use only and disposed of. 

Reminder: any student or staff showing any signs of illness must stay home. 


General use of space:

-outside activities as much as possible

-increase space between people during activities including snack and lunch time

-when children want to use the same activity, redirect some children to another area

-food or drink sharing is not permitted.

- lunch and snacks must be eaten with only one student per table. 

-Staff Room closed for regular use.  Staff may retrieve items only. EAs may eat snack/lunch in the staff room, LST room, and 165. 

-User groups will NOT be using Spring Creek facilities.

-Washrooms, Staff Room are equipped with disinfectant and paper towels to be used on high touch surfaces between each use.

-Leave doors propped open whenever possible, to reduce frequency of touching. 

-Open/close doors with elbow/paper towels when possible

-non-touch water refill station remains open for use, but  fountains are off limits

Student washrooms: 2  per washroom, line up markers on the floor outside washroom 

Shared use of toys, manipulatives and cleaning plan between use

-staff/students may choose to clean high touch surfaces, electronic devices frequently 

-keep enough toys out to encourage individual play

-limit toys and other items to those that can be easily cleaned

-no need to limit distribution of paper based learning materials and books as there is no evidence of transmission through paper product

Isolation Room 

In case a student becomes symptomatic they will be sent to the computer lab, which will be re-deployed as an isolation room, where the student will wait for parent pick up. We have confirmed that we have all essential items in place for the isolation room and have reviewed isolation room procedures with our First Aid attendants and Administration/Clerical. Staff and parents are informed about use of the isolation room and about pick-up procedure. We will send updates as needed. 

Meetings and Communication

  • Staff meetings will be online or in the gym with the provision of physical distancing.
  • Phone the person you wish to communicate with instead of meeting in person whenever one can. Reminder: update your contacts
  • Administration will continue to send updates as needed

Morning Supervision

Teachers will supervise student arrivals from 8:15-8:25, then lead their students in.

EAs and Admin will supervise arrivals from 8:25 - 8:45, then follow any students in. 

Afternoon Supervision

EAs and Admin will supervise the bus loop and playground until the last bus leaves. 

Teachers will dismiss students from class and remain with the students in class until the last dismissal.